recording equipment
Yamaha MT-120s 4-track recorder, Alesis Microverb 4, JVC HA600 headphones, SM58 mic, Casio Casiotone MT-68, Squier Tele, Marshall amp, small tuner.

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u.n.p.o.c. recording the songs

I had been writing music as a hobby for a few years before Fifth Column.

Here's the equipment I was using.

The main thing is the cassette 4-track recorder. It's quite limiting to record with but it does have a nice soft compression to it, I think. I did all the Fifth Column songs on this machine, which is partly why all the Fifth Column songs are quite lean.

Those JVC HA600 headphones aren't special in any way, but I am really used to them so I buy them whenever I see them. If you've sold any on ebay this last decade, it's probably been me that bought them.

Anyway, once I'd recorded my Fifth Column songs, my musical friends, who were sending lots of demos to London, said my latest songs were better than before and that we should send them south for the record companies to hear.

They put me in touch with the people at Domino Records in London, who were enthusiastic and said they'd like to help me get the songs heard by more people. That sounded fine to me.

Have a look at the records next.